Curious Paws

Helping Owners, Helping Pets

What We Do

What We Do

Curious Paws provides a range of services to owners and their pets.

We provide puppy training on and off leash because realistically you wouldn’t have your pet on lead at home.

Our classes are 100% practical, so that owners become fully confident in their abilities to train their dogs no matter how difficult the behavioural issues are.

Our puppy classes begin at 8 weeks and end at 18 weeks old. This is roughly the age that a puppy turns into an adolescent dog.

Our adolescent dog training begins from 18 weeks old.
We help owners with basic obedience and the common problems that are encountered in the dog park and there are a few.

Curious Paws offers in home training for behavioural problems, puppy set up, puppy training and services to help with adopted rescue dogs from a shelter.

Why Us ?

Curious paws’ employees are police check cleared for your piece of mind and fully insured.

We are registered with the international society of animal professionals and consistently keep up to date with current methods of training with a focus on positive reinforcement methods.

The chief trainer and owner is qualified to a higher diploma level in Canine Behaviour and Psychology.

We passionately believe that training should start young while the puppy is still learning about it’s environment.
We want to help owners and their puppies be set up for success from the very beginning and work to avoid and remove the potential for problem behaviours later on in life.

Added to this our passionate affinity for our four legged friends, and Curious Paws becomes a natural choice.

Why Us ?