Paws 4 – Adolescent Dog Class


Your beautiful puppy is now grown to almost an adolescent! Adolescents love nothing more than to test your boundaries and limits (and patience too!).
Building a rock solid obedient puppy makes for an easier adolescent dog.
This is what we have been training for if you have joined us in the Paws 1and Paws 2 courses.
If you haven’t, all is not lost. As this is an advanced course, as long as they have an equivalent level of training elsewhere we are happy to welcome you.

At 5 months old your young pups development starts to become more set. Training is still possible of course but the critical learning stages have passed and whatever your puppy learned in this period will stick with them for life.

Paws 4– Adolescent Dog Class programme runs for 5 weeks and is to fine tune the skills and lessons your dog has learned. This is for adolescent dogs from 18 weeks old and upwards.
Each lesson runs for approximately 1 hour. In this programme the class will include a mixture of on and off leash training.
As this is a practical course, full participation of owners with dogs is required.

If your dog hasn’t been to classes but is friendly and well socialised with other dogs and people you can enrol at the discretion and professional assessment of the chief trainer.

What you will learn:
Basic commands or reinforcement of commands if your puppy has completed Paws 1 and 2
How to navigate possible problems in the dog park and on walks (eg: keeping your dogs attention when distracted by other dogs)
Walking on leash
Recall when dog is off leash
How to properly meet and greet strangers on walks in the dog park and what to do in dangerous situations
Fun and games

Things to remember & What to bring