Paws 1 – New Puppy Class

Whilst it is a very exciting time when you bring your new furry friend to their new forever home, there can also be a great deal of unanswered questions for you, both known and unknown about your new puppy and how to approach them. We are here to help with that.

As soon as you bring your puppy home, its learned behaviour from you begins. We recommend training begins from the age of 8 weeks old.  This is when puppies learn the most and are very curious and less fearful of their surroundings.  Exposing your puppy to as many people as possible, including men and children, will help your puppy become comfortable with the experience.

Paws 1 – New Puppy Class programme runs for 4 weeks and is for puppies from 8-12 weeks old.

Each lesson runs for approximately 1 hour. In this programme the class will include a mixture of on and off leash training.

As this is a practical course, full participation of owners with puppies is required.

What you will learn in this 4 week course:-

  • Setting training goals for you and your puppy
  • NSW legal requirements for your new puppy
  • House training and toileting
  • How to leave your puppy alone the right way to avoid separation anxiety
  • How to teach your puppy appropriate mouthing/chewing and specific handling exercises
  • Early Socialisation and why it is so important

Socialisation with other dogs in a controlled environment is also very important to their development and helps to avoid those problem behaviours we mentioned when your puppy is older.

Things to remember & What to bring