Paws 2 – Early Puppy Class

As your puppy gets older they will be exploring their surroundings more and more, and encountering new and exciting things.

At this stage of their development, puppies become naturally more fearful of things in their surroundings. It therefore becomes more important to encourage them in training and to expose them positively to new experiences and encounters with people or other dogs, so that they become less fearful.


Paws 2 – Early Puppy Class programme runs for 5 weeks and is for puppies from 12-18 weeks old.

Please note, you must produce proof of second vaccination.

Each lesson runs for approximately 1 hour. In this programme the class will include a mixture of on and off leash training. As this is a practical course, full participation of owners with puppies is required.

What is taught in this 5 week course:

  • Setting training goals for you and your puppy
  • Basic commands: Sit, down, stay, come when called and roll over
  • Walking with owner and heeling
  • Forming a routine
  • Socialisation within the group
  • Good manners in the park
  • Calming exercises for the excited puppy

Training your puppy should be a fun and exciting experience. Both you and your puppy should enjoy training together. Learning the basics now and practising them in your daily routine will turn your puppy into an obedient adolescent which will make further training so much easier.

Things to remember & What to bring